We are exclusive importers of SAL speakers and audio equipment, HOME household electronics, SMA tools and USE cables and connectors. We have recently launched our own brand of consumer electronics PROSTO. This assortment is joined by electronic components imported from well-known distributors from the EU and the Far East. We own our own stock and new shipments arrive every three weeks. To companies that work with us we offer a stable stock, product catalogues, logistic support and reliable deadlines. In other words, we are a partner you can count on!

From the very beginning, the main orientation was directly importing from European distributors and manufacturers. Elementa is present in the market about fifteen years. Built on the foundations of an older company, with almost the same business orientation, it’s based on experience of over twenty years. During this time, it has managed to build an image of good business, reliability and loyal associates. This was certainly contributed by its professionalism and at the same time flexibility that characterizes.

Elementa is ready to respond to any challenge that is given by its clients. Thanks to good logistical support and staff with rich experience, it is able to answer different needs of its clients. In Serbia, it operates with more than 800 companies, many of which are adorned by a continuous and long collaboration. Elementa has 900 square meters of warehouse space. The wholesale headquarters is located in Subotica, while sale representatives are present in all parts of the country. Retail stores are located in Belgrade, Kikinda and Subotica.

  • Kućna elektronika

  • Auto i Hifi zvučnici

  • Kućna elektronika

  • Kablovi i priključci

  • Alati i instrumenti

In addition to the aforementioned brands, we sale from all the leading manufacturers and distributors from the EU countries and the Far East.
Here, first of all are the most famous stores:

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